We are asking creative thinkers, artists, writers, and Angelenos
to submit ideas about the total health and well-being in South LA.

Why we need you?
Community Health Councils has been around for 30 years and we’re making a few changes: We’re changing our name and creating a new visual identity.

We’re committed to a rebranding process that involves the talent, creativity, and energy of the community we serve.

That’s where you come in!

We’d like you to join our creative action team led by African American Graphic Designers (AAGD.co) & CHC.

Help us make a community informed, creative team!

Together with the Creative Action Team, you will contribute ideas that will help shape the look, feel, and character of Community Health Councils.

We are looking for individuals who show strong skills in communicating their ideas. That’s it. It doesn’t matter if you communicate your ideas through art, writing, video, or any other creative format.

We want people who love living in South LA and want an opportunity to learn more about creating work for social justice. Additionally, you’ll make money while you learn!

Creative Action Team
The Creative Action Team will help you sharpen your creative skills and teach you how to apply them to a comprehensive branding and marketing project.

Here’s How.

Submit drawings, writings, or videos that highlights the total health and living well in South LA.

What are some examples?
An illustration of the culture of South LA, including great places to exercise and see outdoors, or perfect spots for hanging out with friends.

A short song that describes the good aspects of life South LA.
A dance routine that reflects the feeling of being healthy in
South LA.

A skit or video—the video could be the length of a tictoc reel—that communicates the character and conversation of South LA.

A sketch for a logo or mark that represents good living in South LA

If you have good ideas, we’d love to see them!

15-20 semi-finalist earn $100 and participate in our showcase in person and on social media.*

3 finalist earn $35 per hour to work with our Creative Action Team.*

We will select 15-20 semi-finalist. Out of those semi-finalist, we will identify applicants to collaborate with us for this rebranding project.*

The final three individuals will help by contributing their ideas and talent to develop a new identity for CHC.

Submission Guidelines

The call for entry is open from June 17, 2022 Pacific Standard Time (PST) and closes at 11:59 p.m. October 15, 2022, PST 11:59 p.m. Late submissions will not be considered. All entries must be submitted through our provide form.

Important Submissions Information
Submissions must include the full name(s) of the person(s) who designed the artwork, email, postal address, and telephone number.

Please note that we will use your personal information only to contact you about your submission.  We will not sell it, rent it or give it to anyone else. If you are selected, then we will use your name and likeness for promotional purposes of the context, but only with your permission.

Enter as many times as you like! One or more submissions per person is acceptable. However, each entry must be sent as a separate submission.

Selection Process
• The selection process is FREE to enter.
• Entries must be submitted as an image file (JPEG or PNG).
• The design should convey the values of CHC. You can find out more about CHC on the about page
• The artwork should be legible and aesthetically effective

By entering, participants agree to be bound by the following rules. Violating any rule or not following instructions may eliminate participants’ eligibility. CHC has the right to disqualify any entrant at any time at its sole discretion.

• This call for entry is open to people living in the greater Los Angeles area.

• Board or staff members of CHC or their immediate family members are not eligible to participate.

• If you are under 18, then one of your parents or your guardian must complete the form in the application.

• If AAGD and CHC determine that an entrant has violated any rules here and in the Terms and Conditions, that entrant will forfeit or return the prize, even if the determination is made after the prize has been awarded.

• If an entrant does not accept the award within 21 days of notice, the award will be revoked and may be given to another entrant.

Determination of Finalists
The finalists will be selected by The Design Committee, (Board of CHC, select staff members and the internal Design Team).
Entries will be judged on their visual appeal, how well the design communicates a message relevant to South LA and reflecting CHC’s values, quality of design, and ease of reproduction for the purposes stated above.

Please note that:  (1) there is no guarantee that you will be selected and (2) we will not be able to return your artwork, but we will not use it without an agreement with you except to judge your work and display it online as part of the contest. Make sure that you have your own copy. 

Please also note that neither CHC nor AAGD must select finalists or semi-finalists. 

Rights to Your Creative Work

Entrants affirm their submissions are their own original work (or you have a valid license to the content you use), have not been copied from others or from previous designs, including their own, and do not violate the intellectual property rights of any other person or entity.

Submissions will remain the sole intellectual property of submitter, but you give the Design Team the right to copy all or part of your artwork, adjust its size and so forth but only for purposes of judging your artwork and displaying it online. 

If your submission is selected, then we will get in touch with you about acquiring or licensing it for us to use.  We will send you an agreement to sign (or one of your parents or guardians).  We will follow the guidelines of the Graphic Artists Guild in The Graphic Artists Guild: Handbook on Pricing and Ethical Guidelines.  AAGD and CHC will not use your submitted artwork for any purpose except as stated above.


What is the purpose of this campaign?
  1. We recognize the talent, power and experience of the people and communities we serve. Which is why we are seeking your help.

Community Health Councils has been around for 30 years and we’re making a few changes: We’re changing our name and creating a new visual identity.

We’re committed to a rebranding process that involves the talent, creativity, and energy of the community we serve. That’s where you come in!

We’d like you to join our creative action team led by African American Graphic Designers (AAGD.co) & CHC.

What’s the vibe of the organization?

We are a fearless and confident group of committed people who work toward dismantling systems of privilege and oppression. We establish communities that thrive.

Will the workshops be virtual or in person?

Both virtual (Zoom) and in person.

What is a Creative Action Team? **

The Creative Action is a mini design firm. A small, fast moving, group of people with a singular design task. Focused on the creation of a new identity for CHC.

If selected, what will my role be on the Creative Action Team? **

You will participate in the brainstorming of designing CHC’s new logo and brand elements. No ideas are too extreme… in the beginning. Pretty quickly we will start defining and sharpening the org’s identity. Fonts, colors, iconography… will be employed to give life to an established mission.

What will you do with our submissions?

They will be used to evaluate your creative compatibility with the tasks and goals of the Creative Action Team. There will be a period of time during this campaign that the submissions may be displayed within CHC’s social media accounts to celebrate and promote the creative search.

What types of submissions are you looking for? **

We are looking for illustrations, a poem, a written piece, a new name for the organization. Anything that conveys your vision or vibe of the South LA Community.

How will we be compensated?
  1. CHC will provide compensation for the first round selectees.
  2. Payment for the selected team members will come from AAGD.
At what point will we receive compensation?
  1. Once the first round selections have been completed payment arrangements will be made.
  2. If you are selected for the Creative Action Team you will be compensated at the end of each week, for the duration of your participation.
Will this income be taxable?

Yes, it should be considered contractor income.