CHC formally announces its 2021 Policy Priorities. In these, you will see a continued commitment to CHC’s long standing goals of universal access to healthcare and early childhood education, along with goals that target our most vulnerable communities in South Los Angeles. We look forward to hearing from you and how these align with your goals.

Looking Forward

Everyone in California should have access to a sustainable living wage that affords them the ability to live in a safe, clean and supporting environment. Although many of these fundamental rights are out of reach for many residents living in South Los Angeles, we find ourselves in a unique opportunity to re-imagine our future. Instead of returning to “normal” or going back to the way things were, we can employ the west African idea of Sankofa, literally translated to mean “it is not taboo to go back and fetch what you forgot.” We can remember that our humanity is singularly united. If anything, the global COVID-19 pandemic and the murder of George Floyd reminds us that humanity was not created to be alone. As a collective, we have the ability to realize systems change that ensures equitable policy implementation. So as part of our 2021 policy priorities, Community Health Councils is taking the opportunity to embrace the philosophy that we are all connected and that what we want for ourselves is what we want for others.

2021 Public Policy Priorities

Desired Systems or Policy Change

  • Expand access to funding for non-clinical support workforce and Community Healthcare Workers.
  • Unified financing to support a streamlined healthcare system for all Californians.
  • Reform the Medi-Cal system through equitable and efficient implementation of CalAIM, CalSAWS, and other enrollment and eligibility processes.
  • Redistricting that ensures full representation of communities across California.
  • Guaranteed Basic Income (GBI) program for residents of South LA to be used as an overall solution to address issues related to wages, underemployment and economic inequity that leads to the adoption and implementation of a program of reparations for Black Americans.
  • More permanent solutions to increase access to healthy, nutritious food in South Los Angeles.
  • Achieve digital equity for all and close the digital divide for under-resourced residents.


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