CHC Issues its Learning 4 an Equitable Economy Factsheet.


Economic Resiliency

Community Health Councils (CHC) is a non-profit, community-based research, policy, and capacity building organization that leads local economy building efforts. Economic shocks, such as recessions or a global pandemic, have had long-lasting impacts on the communities we serve. CHC seeks to understand the economic forces affecting South Los Angeles (South LA) families, to better prepare the community to withstand, recover, and ultimately avoid economic hardships. Our economic resiliency programs are developed in response to community needs, using nonextractive economic models. In February 2021, CHC engaged several thousand residents of South LA and Compton to identify the issues they wanted to prioritize for investment. The number one issue selected was employment and fair wages, followed by early childhood education and food insecurity.

Please click to view/download the CHC Equitable Economy Factsheet (PDF)