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Healthcare Systems

Since its inception CHC has been at the forefront in reducing disparities in health outcomes, by engaging in rigorously coordinated efforts to improve access to healthcare services, quality of healthcare delivery systems, and the safety-net healthcare workforce. In partnership with coalitions at the local, state, and national levels, CHC has played a significant role in shaping public healthcare policies dating back to the introduction of Medi-Cal Mandatory Managed Care program to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Today, CHC is advancing policies that:
Streamline and improve efficiency in the enrollment processes
Provide affordable, comprehensive high-quality healthcare services
Ensure access to all regardless of immigration and socio-economic status
Strengthens California’s system of community-based health navigators

How do we do our work

In the healthcare space, CHC works through two coalitions and leverages its Medi-Cal outreach, enrollment, troubleshooting, utilization and retention services, to continuously improve the healthcare system in California.

Covering Kids and Families (CKF) Coalition:

A diverse partnership of over 60 organizations representing thousands of consumers statewide that provides a public policy forum to develop strategies to eliminate enrollment barriers, reduce health disparities and build greater coordination between public and private agencies. Coalition meets quarterly on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, beginning in March, in Sacramento CA.

LA Access to Health Coverage Coalition:

Brings together and builds the capacity of over 40 organizations across LA County who are conducting outreach and providing consumers with enrollment and utilization assistance for public- sponsored health coverage. Coalition meets every other month on the 4th Tuesday beginning January in Los Angeles, CA.

Accessing Benefits for Communities (ABC)

For the past 20-plus years CHC has been outreaching within South Los Angeles and surrounding communities (Compton, Inglewood, and Lennox) to provide consumer education, enrollment assistance, and healthcare advocacy. Annually the program assists over 2,000 individuals.


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This work is funded in part by the California Endowment, LA County of Public Health, and individual donors like you.