During the pandemic, CHC worked in collaboration with LA Commons to partner with the staff of Fremont High School in South LA, Healthy Kids Zones (HKZ) partners, community Artists and youth mentors to expand the HKZ Fence Medallion project. Fifteen youth met with the arts team two hours weekly via Zoom to further develop art skills, learn about the HKZ initiative, reflect on social justice and equity issues through art, and prepare for the launch of the story gathering component. An online story gathering circle was held in June 2020 with 25 people of all ages in attendance. These stories along with the stories shared by the youth participants in earlier sessions formed the creative inspiration of the artwork for the Medallions and lift up the HKZ priorities related to the streetscapes impact on public health safety and food insecurity.

These medallions have been placed on the back fence at Fremont High School on Avalon Boulevard and we encourage you to pass by the school to see the pictures or check out the links below:


Photo and video credit: LA Commons