Dear Partners and Friends,

Given the fluid situation around COVID-19, Community Health Councils is taking a responsive position to the current emergency. Our primary concern is the safety of our team, their families and our communities. Thus, we will be closing our offices through March 31st. We will continue to communicate as news reports and recommendations from the Department of Public Health are updated daily.


Participation in Meetings

We are suspending CHC staff participation in community events and meetings where social distancing measures can’t be implemented. We will continue our community facing meetings on-line and via webinar and conference calls.  Our goal is to continue our operations as much as possible given the space restrictions. If you need immediate information during our closure, you can contact Nigrita Shaw at: 323.202.3723. Team members have already begun reaching out to all our contractors and current partners to make arrangements accordingly.


We are working to adjust and update our protocols and policies to ensure that as new developments of this pandemic become available, we are staying responsive to you and our communities. Information available through the L.A. County Department of Public Health provides both timely and local information that we are monitoring regularly.

Open Dialogue and Steward of Resources

We are also turning our focus to assuring that residents and community partners are engaged in communication around immediate needs. As well as coordinating with funders, City and County entities to effectively respond to those needs. This virus has certainly exposed our inequities, but we are still able to get ahead of this crisis.  We are all aware of the need for a regional response especially in relation to the testing, tracking and treatment of the virus, in order to contain its spread. And we know that this regional response will require all hands-on deck. Thus, we will be scheduling a COVID-19 South LA Community Conference Call to offer information on possible support systems for your organizations and our constituents in South LA.

We are in this together in how we engage with others and how we support our friends and family in using common sense approaches to stay healthy and safe. Remember to wash your hands, limit your contact in large groups and seek medical care when you need it.

In Health,


Veronica Flores, MA

Chief Executive Officer