The LA County Department of Public Health conducted an analysis of COVID-19 cases and related deaths. Their findings show that the rates of COVID-19 confirmed cases and deaths are higher among African Americans and Latinos and that as income decreases, rates of confirmed cases and deaths increase.

In response to these findings, the LA County Department of Public Health developed nine strategies (beginning on page 13) to address these health disparities in COVID-19 related cases and deaths in vulnerable populations.

Community Health Councils (CHC) submitted a letter with the following recommendations for how the County can strengthen the strategies:

  1. Provide housing options for ALL individuals having challenges with implementing isolation or quarantine guidelines.
  2. Lift up strategies to address specific impacted populations.
  3. Develop and implement stronger cultural and linguistic competency requirements in ALL COVID-19 activities.
  4. Create engagement strategies that address the diversity that exists within racial and ethnic groups.
  5.  Coordinate care with patients, providers, and health plans for all COVID-19 related care.
  6. Leverage and support Community Health Workers, Case Managers, Navigators and Promotors to connect with our most vulnerable populations.
  7.  Provide financial support to community members and community-based organizations who improve upon and implement strategies.CHC is in the process of scheduling meetings with key stakeholders, such as Dr. Muntu Davis, County Health Officer, to further discuss this letter and addressing our recommendations.