Community Health Worker

COVID-19 Diaries

Community Health Worker “COVID-19 Diaries” Video Series Launches

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health began the Community Health Worker Outreach Initiative (“CHWOI”) in October 2020. The initiative mobilizes Community Based Organizations and CHWs in communities across LA County to share accurate and up-to-date information about COVID-19 and link residents to vaccination, health care services, and other support services in communities most impacted by the virus.  

Community Health Councils has served as a financial administrator, training facilitator, and evaluation partner in this initiative since 2021. In partnership with DPH and Team Friday, we are excited to share this video series “COVID-19 Diaries”

Antonia is a Community Health Worker at East L.A. Women’s Health Center. Antonia describes the power of education in bringing COVID-19 resources door-to-door, and how joy plays an important role in this work.
Bria is a Community Health Worker at TRAP Medicine. Bria discusses providing COVID necessities and tests to the community, and how consistency and flexibility open the door to broader health education and promotion.
Tanat is a Community Health Worker at Thai CDC. Tanat shares the importance of addressing language barriers in Thai town and East Hollywood and meeting people where they are located to reduce transportation barriers.
Susana is a Community Health Worker at Clinica Romero. Susana shares how important serving the community is to their life work and goals, and how CHW work is rooted in the heart and love of helping others.
Joseph is a Community Health Worker at the LA County Department of Public Health. Joseph, who was born and raised in LA, describes the importance of CHWs as “boots on the ground” front line workers who provide essential COVID-19 information and dispel misinformation.
Kevin is a Community Health Worker at TRAP Medicine. Kevin shares how CHW work and interacting directly with the community has impacted their life and career goals about pursuing medicine.
Natalie is a Community Health Worker at Clinica Romero. Natalie reflects on how CHWs listen to the needs of the people and how in the predominantly Latino neighborhoods Clinica Romero serves, CHWs are trusted listeners and communicators.
Nelson is a Community Health Worker at Asian-American Drug Abuse Program. Nelson describes how CHWs raise awareness about vaccinations and help community members navigate difficult systems to access vaccines as well as other crucial social services.