The California Reparations Task Force held its second meeting on Friday, July 9th, 2021. The task force discussed how they would engage Californians to participate in developing recommendations for providing reparations for African Americans.

As a community-based research, policy, and capacity building organization, CHC is poised to support community engagement and organizing. We recognize the need for all Californians to support this effort to assure longevity. With the goal of building local participation of South Los Angeles residents with the task force, CHC will present written comments for the development of a community engagement plan.

CHC provided verbal comments as noted below.

“Hello, my name is Dr. Michelle Burton, Chief Strategy Officer for Community Health Councils in South Los Angeles. As an LA native, I started my career in activism at the age of 16 during the LA Riots and Uprisings. The sustainability of any advanced reparations policy must have the support of as many representative groups as possible. We all need to own this historic moment together to assure its longevity. No one is free when others are oppressed. White supremacy has harmed all of us and made our society sick. It is a disease from which we all suffer, and like COVID-19, it is a worldwide pandemic that has long been ignored in service to capitalism and wealth accumulation. When we define community and community engagement, it must be done broadly and centered around restorative justice for those who have suffered the most. I look forward to supporting this work and participating in collective community engagement over the course of this next year. Thank you all again for your commitment and service as members of this task force.” – Michelle Burton, Chief Strategy Officer

Walker Wells, Principal at Raimi & Associates Michelle Burton, Chief Strategy Officer at Community Health Councils